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This is a hit 4 years ago
But kinda funny because she is losing her shit over there and he’s totally calm
Arealbronxbitch 4 years ago
Sis is doing too fucking much! He’s a good look tho, I need some of that Wakanda forever dick in my life!
Its Me Motherfuckers Lol 4 years ago
Did anyone ever see him during the missionary stage that he started a little laugh covered it with the sheets and then went back to pounded her pussy and looked back at the camera
First time commenting 4 years ago
I have to applaud this man, THATS how you fuck a bitch lol
Lol 4 years ago
Dude look like he didn’t give a fuck
Kid Moe 4 years ago
He owns her now. If you ever fuck a bitch like this, she’ll never forget it as long as she lives and she’ll look back on it fondly now and then. He just put himself in the back of her head forever lol
Mia 4 years ago
I need a guy want fuck me like that
4 years ago
I want his phone contact
J.c 4 years ago
And her name is ????
Sexy cd 4 years ago
Who is this guy????