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Wtf? 6 years ago
looks like I ended up at the weird part of XNXX again smh
I came 4 times 6 years ago
Never nuke a country twice
Why 6 years ago
Why is it always the Japs that do weird shit?
ShavedHead 6 years ago
who needs a big dick when you got a shaved head
WHAT!!! 6 years ago
This world is just fucked up, what the hell
Lord Stenchiuth The 6th 4 years ago
Top 10 people thanos was too afraid to fight
Read my comment 6 years ago
Did she drown in her own cum?? Like wtf
17cm 6 years ago
Wtf !!!! They are crazy ! Pore woman!
Simpsons 6 years ago
am i the only one who gets remembered to the simpsons when in a show ralph said and tried "I go back in mommy"^^
That Moment 6 years ago
When you realize that you were born in a poor country